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Daily News Headlines from the World of Heat Pumps

Octopus & British Gas heat pump price war?

It seems as though Octopus Energy & British Gas are entering a price war for ASHP installs. Given that a typical house ASHP install costs around £8 - £10k from what I would call a 'standard' installer, the prices that these two big companies are quoting could be seen as a race to the bottom. However, Octopus Energy last year bought the Renewable Energy Devices company in NI, and are now it seems making their own cheap product. At least, I'm guessing that's the case, or they're importing a...

Surveying & Install opportunities in Bristol?

"Bristol Council to fit larger houses with heat pumps"

Full article here, maybe an opportunity for you budding heat loss surveyors in the area to pick up some work!


Welcome to our new members!

Hello, and a warm welcome to our newly signed up members following the recent courses we are running.

It has to be said that the forum has been somewhat inactive lately, but we hope that with the influx of some new members, conversation will start flowing again and the place will be a...
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Are we sleepwalking into a problem?

What will replace gas boilers in new build homes from 2025 - The Heat is on.....

I think this is a well written article, with some input from Dave Pearson (Director of Star Engineering - very well respected Scottish large heat pump company). Worth a read.


Hydrogen heating - is it really the answer?

Hydro Generation electricity storage?

Heat Pump Influencers needed!

Rads need to be 10 degrees cooler to help UK meet Carbon reduction targets

How can the UK drive mass heat pump adoption

GSHP's role in decarbonisation is underestimated

Should you get a heat pump?

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March 17th 2021 - Essential role for Installers on the road to net zero